Peer Review Criteria

The peer reviewers will use the following criteria to assess submissions:


  • How does the planned presentation of artistic research practice demonstrate its relation to the Frascati criteria for research:
    • Novel
    • Creative
    • Uncertain
    • Systematic
    • Transferable and/or Reproducible?

Context and Method:

  • How adequate is the contextual framing of the presentation, including references to other artistic research endeavours and the methodological approach?

Conference Focus:

  • How clear does the presenter formulate what is to be shared and discussed with the conference participants?

Overall assessment:

  • Is this submission recommend for presentation -- and why or why not?

The Conference Committee will take additional criteria into consideration when it comes to the programming of the conference:

  • Has the submitter framed the presentation in regard to the indicated or preferred conference format?

These questions are the basis of the form used to submit proposals -- in addition to the actual proposal that is supposed to be available in the form of an exposition in the Research Catalogue.

Reviewers are expected to produce a written statement which should be also available to the submitters.

Here is a screenshot of the review assessment for the peer reviewers:

Peer review assessment form